Green15 Collection | 4x Pocket Flask 10 cl

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Green15 Collection offers you the ultimate opportunity to experience the four Green15 flavors with four MINI 10cl bottles. Organize your own Green15 tasting and discover how each Green15 most excites your personal taste experience: neat at room temperature, with ice, mixed with a lemonade or prosecco or cava, or as an ingredient in a culinary dessert.

Moreover, the 10cl bottles are easy to carry in your bag. Just buy a lemonade, tonic, or sparkling wine on the way and mix at your destination!

Green15 Collection is packaged in a luxurious gift box, making it ideal as a present.

About Green15:

GREEN15 is an alcoholic beverage handcrafted from a traditional Dutch dry gin and 15 natural botanicals. Green15 originates from the Haarlem area - Netherlands. Thanks to 15 natural botanicals and 14.9% alc/vol, each Green15 offers an overwhelming taste sensation. The four flavors are:

“Original”: this concept got introduced at the end of 2023. The “Original” recipe formed the basis for the other Green15’s. Of the 15 botanicals, the most essential are fennel, bay leaf, lavender, and local honey as a sweetener. Read more about the Original HERE.

“Golden Moments”: the ideal Green15 for beautiful after-dinner moments with notes of fresh fig, vanilla, licorice, and coffee. Read more about the Golden Moments HERE.

“Pacha”: a tribute to the popular Spanish Pacharán, with sloe, fennel, strawberry, and cranberry as essential botanicals. Read more about the Pacha HERE.

“Marmalade”: dream away in Mediterranean atmospheres thanks to blood orange, mint, clove, and orange blossom. Read more about the Marmalade HERE.

Good to know:

“BIG 8” allergen and gluten-free – natural ingredients – no GMOs – natural coloring – sustainable label from bio raw materials, PVC-free.

The labels and the box packaging can also be custom ordered, with your photo or company logo, as a corporate gift or giveaway after a party, exhibition, or trade fair. From as few as 50 pieces, you can turn a playful idea into a real concept. Ask about the possibilities and be surprised.

Four flavours – endless possibilities!

Contains 14.9% alc/vol. Drink responsibly.

No alcohol for those under 18!

Green15 and its beautiful 70cl bottle

The 70cl size is not commonly used for beverages with around 14.9% alcohol, 50CL is more standard. The main reasons are to keep the price low and competitive. However, Green15 can be seen as a premium quality product, incomparable to other similar beverages. Understanding the efforts to achieve this high-level alcoholic beverage helps justify the price which is still relatively low. Additionally, the 20cl difference, which is 40% more than a 50cl bottle, provides economical benefits. Using a 70CL bottle also results in less glass material used, as well as less closure materials, etc.

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