Introducing Green15®

In 2023, the alcoholic beverage "Green15 Original" was developed in The Netherlands with the intention of more sustainability in the alcoholic beverage sector and an artisanal alcoholic beverage with recognisable local origins with a unique taste and aroma sensation. Green15 Original is a 14.9% alcoholic beverage made from a 40% alc/vol Dutch dry gin and 15 botanicals and sweetened with premium honey from Haarlem. A unique aspect is the label printed on elephant grass paper which is widely cultivated in the Greater Amsterdam region. A light green trendy bottle made of 100% recycled (PCR) glass was chosen as packaging for the Green15 Original.

At 14.9% alc/vol, the aim of the Green15 Original was to offer an aroma and taste experience equal or better than a 40% alc/vol dry gin. Of course tastes differ, but during several blind tastings, the Green15 was perceived as more enjoyable than many world brands of gins with even the non-gin drinkers finding the Green15, even pure or "on the rocks" a pleasant drink without a heavily alcoholic experience. Green15 Original was awarded with a Silver Medal at the London Spirits Competition 2024: a great recognition for a relatively new alcoholic beverage amongst the big well-known spirit brands.

Green15 is in full development!

New Green15 variants will be introduced in 2024. For that, check the PRODUCTS page and stay informed via Social Media and/or subscribe to our newsletter.

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