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Ideal for outdoors, handy in your bag or nice in a gift pack to give away: the 10cl bottles of Green15 Original alcoholic beverage. These 10cl flasks contain the standard Green15 Original alcoholic beverage with 14.9% alc/vol. So the same drink as the 70cl bottle only the bottle and label is different. The main differences: the bottle is not made of 100% PCR recycled glass, that model is not yet available from bottle manufacturers. The label of the 10cl is made of ECO plastic: just as sturdy as plastic but a lot friendlier to the environment. This material is made of cellulose: a raw material derived from plant fibres. The material is also, in combination with the glue (BioTAK®), fully biodegradable/compostable, GMO-free and EN13432 certified.

Green15 Original is an alcoholic distilled beverage made from Dutch artisanal premium dry gin. The main features are:

  • 15 botanicals, some of which are freshly sourced from gardens and greenhouses in Heemstede.
  • 14.9% alc/vol: This alcohol percentage is approximately one-third of an original gin (37.5% alc/vol or higher). Green15 Original has a base of 40% dry gin.
  • As a sweetener, a portion of sugar is replaced by premium honey sourced fresh from Haarlem and surrounding areas.
  • Green15 has obtained a light green tint from a natural dye without any added fragrance or flavor. Note: due to the influence of light and heat, the color may lighten over time.
  • Green15 label: The paper is made from elephant grass cellulose, a natural fiber that is visible and tangible. Elephant grass is cultivated extensively in and around Schiphol and has a highly eco-friendly and sustainable character due to its 4x higher CO2 absorption than other grass varieties.
  • Bottle design: a 10cl white transparent pocket flask bottle model.

For sale per 4 10cl pocket flasks in a gift box.

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No 18, no alcohol!

Green15 and its beautiful 70cl bottle

The 70cl size is not commonly used for beverages with around 14.9% alcohol, 50CL is more standard. The main reasons are to keep the price low and competitive. However, Green15 can be seen as a premium quality product, incomparable to other similar beverages. Understanding the efforts to achieve this high-level alcoholic beverage helps justify the price which is still relatively low. Additionally, the 20cl difference, which is 40% more than a 50cl bottle, provides economical benefits. Using a 70CL bottle also results in less glass material used, as well as less closure materials, etc.

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