Green15: Green and 15 explained..

The Sustainable Mid-Range Alcoholic Beverage Green15® is a 14.9% alcoholic alternative to a standard gin (approx 40%). It is crafted from premium dry gin and 15 botanicals, some freshly sourced from ecological gardens in Heemstede near Haarlem in The Netherlands. With roughly a third of the alcohol content of spirits like rum, vodka, and gin, it offers a unique alternative with excellent tastes. High-quality honey from Heemstede replaces a portion of the sugar as a sweetener on the Original version.

Available in 70cl  bottles and 10cl mini bottles, Green15® is practical and the bottles can be repurposed as a lamp or candle holder after use.

With its 14.9% alc/vol, retailers can sell Green15® without needing an alcohol license. Crafted in limited editions, it appeals to collectors, with the 'First Edition' launching in November 2023.

Key Features:
- Perfect alternative to spirits like gin, rum, wodka
- 14.9% alc/vol mid-range alcoholic beverage
- Made from premium Dutch dry gin and 15 botanicals
- Eco-friendly recycled glass bottle and sustainable label
- Practical and cost-effective 70cl bottle or easy to use 10cl mini bottles.
- Limited edition appeal for collectors

Discover the new sustainable and flavorful alternative in mid-range alcoholic beverages with Green15®.