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Being a Green15 reseller

Green15 will be sold through the hospitality industry, local liquor stores and specialty/delicatessen shops. We will not approach nationally known wholesalers like Sligro, Hanos etc. or large retail chains: we are keeping it exclusive together with our resellers.

Pooling strengths and cross-selling potential: every sales partner will be listed on our website for free, including contact information, website, and logo or photo of your company. This generates additional visitors to your online or offline store, increasing the chance of additional sales for other products in your assortment.

Revenue potential in horeca:
For the hospitality industry, there is a potential two to three times increase in revenue per customer:

Let's consider a standard gin (40% alc) with tonic at a turnover of approximately €12: after one order, customers often have had enough or are not allowed to drive. Your turnover per customer is then, for example, €12, which your guest spends 30-60 minutes on. With Green15 and tonic, which has 15% alc/vol, your guest may order another one as Green15 is easier to drink, and they may stay longer and order more. Additionally, Green15 with 15% alc/vol has become a more accessible alternative to a glass of wine and pairs well with Prosecco or simply with some ice.

Starting off with a low threshold: you can begin with boxes of 2 bottles and then switch to boxes of 6 bottles. The boxes always include some promotional material to help stimulate sales. If you desire additional promotional material, feel free to contact us; we are happy to collaborate with you.